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Limited run

If ordering please note these are custom made precision military grade optics.

With a 1 week delay.

Full money back guarantee.Order can be cancelled if you change your mind before shipping if you are not super happy return it in the condition it was received these will sell regardless. A simply stunning optic yes sir.

Please email me before attempting to order. Brand new optical design built around materials used by Leica.

This beast is a low magnification double element achromatic correcting close up lens super mild +0.25.
82mm size thick heavy duty mount.
80mm clear aperture

Classic straw golden single layer mid 1970s era coatings.
Simply one of the best on the market new or old made from schott carl zeiss germany glass and ohara japan it cannot get better.

If you shoot red or arri alexa rest assured this optic is beyond those low fi movie quality resolutions.

Will work well on spherical or anamorphic optics.
Any film or digital format.


Price: £350.00
Availability: 2
Model: close up lens


Click here to contact for ordering and any more product information.