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New old stock last one, last few left please contact me via mail.

I will not be stocking these now on this site
please contact me for details.

Supplies are getting low even if you have not got an anamorphic yet you need one of these.
These babies are not coming back. It is the only 72mm close up that can match the quality of the superb iscorama and will not degrade the image.
72mm close up achromatic lens doublet.
Simply superb..this baby gets your anamorphic into the 4-8 feet focus range.
Thicker than a standard close up because this is a double element correcting optic.
These are new old stock made 8 years ago magnification is +0.4 so perfect for your kowa, iscorama or sankor.

These need to be mounted on the front of your anamorphic, I am selling some clamps to allow mounting if needed.
If you want the ultimate in image quality these will give it.

The money raised from the sale of these will be going into my new anamorphic lens design projects for next year.
Not into my rather empty pockets : )


Price: £300.00
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: achromatic close up
Manufacturer: redstan


Out of stock

Click here to contact for ordering and any more product information.